Saint John's

Catford & Downham Team Ministry

Children & Young People

St Johns Church welcomes all people, and we offer a special range of activities and resources for children and young people from birth to teens. 

Pram club welcomes babies and pre-schoolers.


Sunday school for 3-5 and 6-11 years

These sessions interpret the Gospel of the day for children of all ages through stories, crafts, games, and activities. There are separate sessions for each age group which take place during the Parish Mass to help teach children and young people a basic understanding of the faith. There is also opportunity for prayer and reflection. Babies and children under the age of 2 years are welcome to come along as well but must be accompanied by an adult. A register is taken at these sessions as attendance can support applications to church schools.

11+ years

 Young people from 11 years old are welcome and encouraged participate in the service. They can serve  or join the choir



Wednesdays (term time only) 1.30-3 for Babies and pre-schoolers

When the church transforms into a soft and bouncy play space, safe for babies and children to explore and have fun. Everything a baby could want from tricycles, climbing frames, toys, mats, games and much, much more. We haven’t forgotten about the mums and carers, for them there is tea and cake. All children must be accompanied by and adult at all times.


Wednesdays (term time only) 2.15 – 3 for Babies and pre-schoolers

Get into the imaginative world of Pinnie Pockets, and her story apron full of surprises telling tales with a Christian theme. Plus songs, games and heaps of fun. Each child gets a sticker at the end of every session. All children must be accompanied by and adult.