Saint John's

Catford & Downham Team Ministry

Mothers' Union   

         ++++ Please note there will be no meeting at St John's in August 2018 ++++
but there are a number of events in the Deanery  -  please look at the posters on the Mothers' Union board at the back of church for full details

Our Mothers' Union meet in the Vestry on the third Tuesday of each month (unless otherwise advised).  We meet from 1.30pm to around 3.30pm.
We start with prayers and Mothers' Union news.  Sometimes we have visiting speakers or we have a discussion amongst our club members, who currently number around 20 people.
The MU have a stall at the church Summer & Christmas Fairs.  Coffee and cake mornings are occasionally held to support MU projects.
Everyone is welcome to come and see if they would like to join the MU