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Message from Fr Christopher

Christ is risen!  

Happy Easter

As most of you will know, all church buildings are currently closed. This makes celebrating Easter difficult, but we as Christians are a people of hope – that is what we mean when we say that we are an Easter people. We live in the light of the resurrection, and that is particularly important when times are tough, as they are at the moment. That is not to downplay the suffering and grief that many are currently going through, and we continue to accompany people through their pain. But we also know that death never has the last word. With Jesus, risen from His tomb, we will all rise again. And so we still respond to the Easter greeting in the traditional way: He is risen indeed, Alleluia!



Despite celebrating Easter being more difficult than normal, not being able to go into our beloved church building, our church wardens, Sonia and Sandy, have delivered lots of prayer booklets to help you (which you can also find on our ‘Worshipping from Home’ page); Sue is working hard to keep this website up to date; Shea, our online missioner, is creating lots of material for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook; Jack, our director of music, and his housemates are recording beautiful music for us to listen to; Frankie and I are working on continuing with regular bible study soon; the Reverend Margaret has printed and sent out cards to everyone; and Alice, our reader, Rámond, my partner, and I are live-streaming our services via Facebook. Others too are putting together material for you, including Cynthia for our children. So there are lots of ways to continue to celebrate Easter this year, and we are pulling together as a community just as strongly as we always do here at St John’s.


You can access our live-streamed services by clicking HERE

On most weekdays we say Morning Prayer at 8 and Evening Prayer at 5, with Mass at noon; and on Sundays Morning Prayer is at 10, with the Parish Mass at 10.30 and St John’s @4, our more informal service, at 4.


The Church of England has also produced a special page on its website of prayers and readings for those who are staying at home.  You can access this page by clicking HERE.

Our older and vulnerable members
My colleagues and I will be working hard to ensure that we remain in as close contact as possible with you all - especially with our older members and those whose health makes them vulnerable. In the meantime, if anyone is unable to leave their home, whether as a result of advice or for any other reason, and would like help with food supplies or anything else, please don’t wait, but call me on 020 8461 5632, or email me at, and we will endeavour to help you or put you in touch with someone who can as soon as possible.  Or you can register for help (or offer to volunteer) at


Whatever your age, if you are a member of our congregation and don’t think I have your contact details, please do e-mail me with your telephone number or email address, as I would love to stay in touch with you during this difficult period.

With my love and prayers, and wishing you a very happy Easter.

Fr Christopher
Do not open your door to strangers:
There are reports of people going round knocking on doors saying they are 
doing coronavirus tests on behalf of NHS/your surgery etc.
Please note, there are no such initiatives.
If anyone knocks on your door saying this, ignore them and call the police. 
These are thieves trying to take advantage of vulnerable people

Please be wary of scammers at the current time. 

While there are many well-meaning people trying to help, there are also people who are trying to take advantage of people’s vulnerability. Please therefore do not let anyone into your home whom you do not know. If you need help with food or other supplies, please either ask a neighbour, friend or family member whom you trust, or contact Fr Christopher directly who can arrange help.  See his contact details above.



St John's (in the Catford & Downham Team Ministry) takes the safeguarding and care of children and vulnerable adults very seriously.  Further information about this can be found at Safeguarding: A Safe Church.
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